Warmest Hoot!

I’m Nata.

My mission is to help amazing people create amazing online courses.

I constantly ask to be called Her Majesty, the Wisest Queen of eLearning Management Platforms, the Magnificent Empress of Instructional Design, the Glorious Ruler of the Magic eCourse Queendom.

But no one seems to listen… So I settle for Nata, the eLearning Owl.

As you undoubtedly know, owls are magical creatures who possess supernatural powers.  And I’m no exception.  My superpower is breaking down complicated stuff into easily digestible instructions.

I can often be seen mixing Camtasia potions, casting Powerpoint spells and sprinkling LMS fairy dust all over the internet.

On rare occasions I can be seen doing dishes.

I’m assisted by a part-time angel who works as an Senior Mischief Director. Her responsibilities include generating endless distractions and making my day as fun and unproductive as possible.

She is an ambitious overachiever.

Her dad, the Grand Wizard of Beer and Basketball Magic, calls my noble profession “that training stuff you do or whatever”. 

I couldn’t be more proud.

Oh, you want the boring real-life bio?

I spent 17+ years in a large (more like HUMONGOUS) Fortune Top 10 company.  I worked in HR, Learning & Development, Performance Management and other magical places.  I hold Master of Science in Organisational Psychology.

I designed and delivered hundreds of live training courses, workshops and presentations.  No, not facebook live or youtube live.  In-person kind of live, when people still used to gather in dusty rooms to look at slides printed on transparencies.  Remember those good ol’ days?


I left the corporate world and have been self-employed as a coach, ecourse creator and instructional designer since 2013.


My dirty little secret

I lived, studied and worked in five different countries (most recently – London, UK).  I have also travelled to more than 30 countries around the world…  And I’m scared of flying!  That sense of overwhelming panic every time I board a plane… don’t get me started.

I decided to build my business entirely online not because I love travelling, but because I hate it!  I can stay in my room for months and be perfectly happy.

I’m still waiting to grow my owl wings.  Maybe flying will become more fun then.

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